Nothing Beats Running For Holding Stamina

Indeed running is the best exercise for building stamina. After running for a while, it’s hard for athletes to run same distance forever. They are tempted to score higher and run longer distances. Now if a runner aims to build endurance for long-distance running, they will have to time it properly. Even if you are not participating in a marathon running training longer distances is an achievement itself. However, it’s sad to know that you are not participating in long distance race despite having the capability. Find out how to build stamina for such a race.

Honestly, there is no quick and fast way to start running farther. The runner has to put in miles and more effort for reaching fair pace and commendable distance. It’s a big challenge for runner’s to start with bigger mileage. Usually, it’s a gradual process that builds up over time. Slowly and gradually, a runner picks up distance by running 4 to 5 times in a week. Ideally, 10 percent distance must be added to the weekly mileage. If a person’s runs 5 miles one week, then it’s advisable to add another mile in the next week. Moreover, staying on the safe side reduces the chances of injury.

After building endurance for distance running, it’s easier to start tempo runs. The idea is similar to sprinting where it is required from the runner to increase pace for a while and then run slow to recover from pain or lactic acid build-up. Sprinting spans must be spread evenly over the length of the period needed to cover the distance. From a beginner, not more than a few sprints are expected, and that’s perfectly normal. Just one more sprinting span has to be added every week.

Another interesting approach is to run with poles measurement since most of them are equidistant. For instance, continue running at fast pace for 3 poles and then slow down for the next pole and then increase speed again.  For maximum results, complement your running performance with weight lifting. Before becoming a maniac, just remember that you are not attempting to become a body builder. The idea behind upper body and lower body weight lifting aims to strengthen the muscles. In this way, the runner gets a chance to strengthen muscles that are not directly involved in running.

As you move on to the tougher stages of training, the weight lifting will support the muscles and prepares the person for forceful running where the energy is generated from the core muscles. This type of running also helps in better swinging motion.

Although, it seems fairly easy to build stamina, it’s hard to keep up with increase in distance. After a few weeks, coping with the constant increase in distance gets further challenging. If anyone expects to achieve that overnight, then that’s not going to happen. However, it’s always fascinating to add a little more to your goals and it gives a great sense of accomplishment upon crossing the mileage goal.