When Should You Avoid Running on Challenging Terrains

It might be noted here that bugging out is a safe option but it might not always be the only option for you. This is primarily because of the fact that bugging out has its own implications due to which it can be a bad idea.
Running outside implies that you may have to miss several days of missing work and hence that implies several days without salary. It might even be bearable but with all the money lost in packing the essentials and fuel lost in driving to a safe spot, it might not be a good time to have no salary.
Bugging out also means leaving your property and valuables at your residence unprotected. This may put your property at the risk of getting robbed and misused. Also you have worked very hard to maintain the home you live in , not to mention your luxurious car and jewelry and it may really break your heart to leave all that up and run to a safe place.

When to Stay?

At times bugging in or staying at home makes a lot more sense than migrating to a safe place. It would be a real relief knowing that your property is safe and you remain under your own roof. This can only happen if you are capable of surviving in a heavy storm with really cold weather with minimal supplies of drinking water and staying indoors.
In a case of civil war, you might have to stay indoors and not leave and that makes it your perfect sanctuary. Why leave, when you are perfectly safe within the walls of your home? When the outside makes less sense than the inside then you should stay inside.

Transportation and the requisites

You might agree to the fact that whatever place you chose as your safe house, the best way to get there would be by use of a car or personal vehicle; the reason being that it is very convenient as you might probably be having one parked into your garage.

It will be much faster than the buses or trains since they will hat at several locations and will accommodate a lot of your stuff as compared to a bike or a motorcycle.
A bigger and heavy car is a better choice since it can pave its way through water and will have lesser damage as compared to a smaller one. Also it will be much less damaged in case you meet n accident. Who would want getting stuck because of an accident at the middle of the road while everyone you see is planning an escape?
Once you begin your journey make sure that its tank is completely filled with fuel and you have extra fuel tanks for the journey since any other fuel stations on the way might be closed down during the disaster. Furthermore you need to make sure that the engine is in a sound condition and your car has no mechanical problems. You might have difficulty finding a mechanic service on your way.


Alternative Sports Drinks for Running

sports drinks

Image source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/sports%20drinks

Energy drinks for athletes occupy a huge industry and there are always some advertising campaigns lined up for athletes. Marathon runners and distance runners in general are the most likely promoters of such sports drinks. No matter how strong their branding efforts are, some people are just not comfortable with the idea of lab-made ingredients that are part of energy drinks. Those who wish to have a more natural alternative to sports drinks can fashion some healthy drinks from whatever is available in their refrigerator.

It’s true that certain energy drinks are better than water because they offer more benefits than just hydration. However, the main ingredient of these drinks is a sugar maltodextrin which offers an immediate source of energy. This is good for short runs but will not be much help when it comes to distance running. Due to the presence of high amount of readily available sugar in blood, the body will be triggered to produce more insulin.

For distance running, it is important that the blood sugar level is limited to 4 percent so that more insulin is not released. To minimize this effect, a mixture of water and natural fruit juice is recommended. It will prevent sugar level spiking, hence keeping the levels of insulin under control. This means the water and juice must be taken in a ratio of 2 is to 1.

Moreover, the athletes’ body loses electrolytes through sweating. Whether it’s running training or a real marathon, some essential salts will be lost, resulting in muscle cramps. Orange juice can help here since it’s a natural source of potassium. Besides, long distance runners who will exceed 4 hours of running will need a source of sodium to fuel their run.

There is another category of sports drinks that is known as recovery drink. Rather than sipping it during the race, it is preferably taken after the race comes to an end. For instance, you had a prolonged bout and now you are taking some time out. Recovery drinks will provide necessary nourishment to keep you sustained for the next round.

Top Celebs Who Have Run a Marathon

Everyone feels elated gossiping about celebrities, politicians, musicians and TV actors. What they fail to realize is the fact that they are humans after all. They are as excited about running in a marathon as any of us. People just see them as rich and famous and love to stack up against them. In my attempt to prove them more human, I have selected a list of celebs who have participated in any Marathon

Will Ferrel


image source: will ferrel: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/banzai/run/galleries/photo/-/11942531/celebrity-marathon-runners/7657887/

This guy is funny and no one takes him seriously but when he took part in the Boston marathon, his figures shocked everyone. He finished in a span of 3:56:12. Don’t worry Will, your legs will forgive you eventually!

Oprah Winfrey


oprah : http://www.blisstree.com/2011/08/02/fitness/run/motivational-mantra-oprah-winfrey-says-finishing-marathons-is-better-than-winning-emmys/

Needs no telling what took Oprah to the echelons of fame but there is something very few people know about her. Oprah has also been an inspiration for marathoners. This lady actually accomplished her fitness goals and went to participate in Marine Corps Marathon. Her timings were not any less amazing. In fact, she inspired a whole generation to kick off from their couches. Perhaps other marathoners can get a few running tips from her. Oprah made it to the finish line in 4:29:20.

Freddie Prinze, Jr.

It’s the participation and not winning that counts here but that doesn’t mean you can kill your pace Freddie. I can understand all the female fans stopping you on the way and so he finally managed to reach the finish line in 5:50:49. However, his fans back in Los Angeles would be thankful when Prinze honored them with his presence. Very few celebs have actually been that gracious.

William Baldwin

William has a place of his own in acting but after showing up in New York City Marathon, it seems that this guy can make a fair athlete. His finishing time 3:24:29 is the living example of real running talent. Perhaps those workouts have started to pay off for William.

George W. Bush


George W Bush: http://running.about.com/od/famousrunners/tp/celebritymarathonrunners.htm

Surprised! You never thought a politician can make it to my list. Well, here we here. The 43rd president of United States actually ran in Houston Marathon and his figures were not disappointing either. He completed the Marathon in 3:44:52. And just to be clear, he wasn’t there in search of weapons for mass destruction.

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Barefoot Running – Pros and Cons


Barefoot running image source: http://www.primalbritain.co.uk/barefoot-running-cadence/

Barefoot running and walking has been a phenomenon in the past but it has recently been adopted by runners all over the world due to the countless benefits of running this way. In the last few years, some barefoot running marathons have been organized and they were instant success. After scientists and fitness analyst gave their verdict on barefoot running, various shoe manufacturers are coming up with products to promote barefoot running.

Most of these products claim to protect the feet while duplicating the comfy barefoot running experience without the danger of injury. A scientific study elucidates that this type of running is not just good for the feet but also offers countless benefits for joints, legs and the lower back. Besides, the runners on treadmills don’t need shoes but some feet replica shoes will help strengthen core muscles.

Barefoot running benefits

Though barefoot running has created quite a stir in youngsters and people of all ages, there are very few running articles in this category.  Putting on sturdy and high heeled shoes can well be the reason of joint problems and painful feet. However, barefoot running can cast aside all such problems. Moreover, the common problems like athletes foot or other fungal infections arise from wearing shoes all the time. If the runner can get the benefits from barefoot running what’s the

need to put on extra weight on the feet.

Humans naturally have arches over their feet which offer perfect shock absorption. Besides, this is how nature intended it. Your feet are meant to be used for running but shoes can slow you down.
The downside of barefoot running

It’s unethical to promote barefoot running without highlighting its negative aspects. Of course, there is a good reason for the invention of shoes. They aim to protect your feet from harmful object lying around. When you are running, it’s difficult to watch out for harmful piercing objects on the road. The runner can get injured from glass, stones and other pointy stuff lying on the road.

Moreover, your feet cannot offer sufficient grip when the road is slippery or wet. This will ultimately affect your performance. If you are the only one running barefoot then there is always the risk of getting hurt from other runners on the way who have their shoes on.