How Recovery Foods Work Wonders For Running Injuries


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All runners hate it when they get hurt during their training or power drills. This is most definitely the worst thing to hold them back. It’s annoying to carry on training for long duration with an injured knee or pulled hamstring. While injuries are a natural part of a runner’s life, there are ways to speedup healing process. Massaging, icing, and ample rest are proven to have significant healing effects but there is something more that can help you get back on track faster.

While the resting period seems endless, you can decrease healing time nutritionally. A human body starts healing from inside and nutrition has a role in that. Research proves that the recovery span can be reduced with the intake of right nutrient containing foods. On the flip-side, lack of nutrients can delay or even worsen running injuries.

Malnutrition common in runners

Lack of proper nutrients will not only delay wound healing but can even worsen injuries involving inflammation. With the mention of malnutrition, the only picture in our minds is that of a severely starving child in third world countries. What most athletes fail to realize is the fact that being under-fed is also a stage of malnutrition. As a matter of fact, most athletes, runners or otherwise, are often malnourished while training. This is the biggest cause of injuries to begin with.

Underfed athletes have slower healing abilities

In most cases, if a runner completes his running mileage by running twice a day, its highly unlikely that the nutrients lost will get replenished. If a runner continues to go without resting, more vital nutrients will get depleted. Hence the most prominent reason of undernourishment in athletes is over-training.

Secondly, if you are just filling up your stomach with nutrient-less-crappy-food, it will do no good to healing post-running injuries. The quality of food really matters otherwise you are just taking extra calories that will speed-up weight gaining. When a malnourished body goes in a state of weight gaining, it will affect athlete’s performance at large. If the runner gets injured in a nutrient deficient state, the healing process will take longer than usual. Nutrient rich food is your key to quick recovery.