Top Celebs Who Have Run a Marathon

Everyone feels elated gossiping about celebrities, politicians, musicians and TV actors. What they fail to realize is the fact that they are humans after all. They are as excited about running in a marathon as any of us. People just see them as rich and famous and love to stack up against them. In my attempt to prove them more human, I have selected a list of celebs who have participated in any Marathon

Will Ferrel


image source: will ferrel:

This guy is funny and no one takes him seriously but when he took part in the Boston marathon, his figures shocked everyone. He finished in a span of 3:56:12. Don’t worry Will, your legs will forgive you eventually!

Oprah Winfrey


oprah :

Needs no telling what took Oprah to the echelons of fame but there is something very few people know about her. Oprah has also been an inspiration for marathoners. This lady actually accomplished her fitness goals and went to participate in Marine Corps Marathon. Her timings were not any less amazing. In fact, she inspired a whole generation to kick off from their couches. Perhaps other marathoners can get a few running tips from her. Oprah made it to the finish line in 4:29:20.

Freddie Prinze, Jr.

It’s the participation and not winning that counts here but that doesn’t mean you can kill your pace Freddie. I can understand all the female fans stopping you on the way and so he finally managed to reach the finish line in 5:50:49. However, his fans back in Los Angeles would be thankful when Prinze honored them with his presence. Very few celebs have actually been that gracious.

William Baldwin

William has a place of his own in acting but after showing up in New York City Marathon, it seems that this guy can make a fair athlete. His finishing time 3:24:29 is the living example of real running talent. Perhaps those workouts have started to pay off for William.

George W. Bush


George W Bush:

Surprised! You never thought a politician can make it to my list. Well, here we here. The 43rd president of United States actually ran in Houston Marathon and his figures were not disappointing either. He completed the Marathon in 3:44:52. And just to be clear, he wasn’t there in search of weapons for mass destruction.

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