Barefoot Running – Pros and Cons


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Barefoot running and walking has been a phenomenon in the past but it has recently been adopted by runners all over the world due to the countless benefits of running this way. In the last few years, some barefoot running marathons have been organized and they were instant success. After scientists and fitness analyst gave their verdict on barefoot running, various shoe manufacturers are coming up with products to promote barefoot running.

Most of these products claim to protect the feet while duplicating the comfy barefoot running experience without the danger of injury. A scientific study elucidates that this type of running is not just good for the feet but also offers countless benefits for joints, legs and the lower back. Besides, the runners on treadmills don’t need shoes but some feet replica shoes will help strengthen core muscles.

Barefoot running benefits

Though barefoot running has created quite a stir in youngsters and people of all ages, there are very few running articles in this category.  Putting on sturdy and high heeled shoes can well be the reason of joint problems and painful feet. However, barefoot running can cast aside all such problems. Moreover, the common problems like athletes foot or other fungal infections arise from wearing shoes all the time. If the runner can get the benefits from barefoot running what’s the

need to put on extra weight on the feet.

Humans naturally have arches over their feet which offer perfect shock absorption. Besides, this is how nature intended it. Your feet are meant to be used for running but shoes can slow you down.
The downside of barefoot running

It’s unethical to promote barefoot running without highlighting its negative aspects. Of course, there is a good reason for the invention of shoes. They aim to protect your feet from harmful object lying around. When you are running, it’s difficult to watch out for harmful piercing objects on the road. The runner can get injured from glass, stones and other pointy stuff lying on the road.

Moreover, your feet cannot offer sufficient grip when the road is slippery or wet. This will ultimately affect your performance. If you are the only one running barefoot then there is always the risk of getting hurt from other runners on the way who have their shoes on.


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