5 Ways to Improve your Running Speed

running-speedimage source: http://traveltips.usatoday.com/chile-pepper-festival-arkansas-107914.html

Running may be the most fun way to stay fit and healthy. Running is a great form of cardiovascular exercises that keeps your heart healthy and increases your pulse rate. Running and burning calories are interlinked and offer you multiple health benefits related to your overall physical fitness. It is also one of the most convenient workouts as there’s no requirement of gym, exercise equipments or instructors. Just you need some time, a passion to stay fit, a safe terrain to move on and a decent pair of shoes.

Running is wildly popular in all age groups as per their fitness level. A regular running routine can slow down the aging effects. You can easily find runners of all shapes and sizes around if you hit any park or jogging trail anytime of the day mostly at dawn and dusk. The most valid reason and charm of being so popular is that anyone can do it. However, learning proper technique is essential to limit the injury risks and discomforts and improve the running capability. There are several safe ways to enhance your running fitness and challenge yourself with higher running goals. Here are some of the running techniques that allow you to increase your speed and ability to run more:

  1. You can run faster if you run but you have to keep calm as it is not possible and advised to try to have the faster pace at once.  Not paying attention on safety grounds may harm you a lot. Do not brutally force yourself to reach maximum goals in minimal time. It is of no good to make the fun workout a punishment for your body. Quality should be the priority. One should be patient and persistent if want to run faster and safer.
  2. To increase your speed you should revise your training and form. You have to focus on minimizing the unnecessary moves during running. Learn proper techniques to ease the joint stress and moving forward tranquilly. Concentrate on moving quietly while running as it emphasizes on soft landing that is best for your joints. Hard steps show that you are exerting more energy.
  3. Include various workouts and terrains in your regular routine to increase strength and speed. Try a variety of situations that let you enhance your performance. Running on hills is a fantastic way to stabilize your ability, build your strengthen and increase the running speed. However, you should be careful as it can hurt. Running up the steep is always hard but results are also great.
  4. Focus on strengthening your core muscles. They are important in driving and balancing the body. It is important to keep core fit to speed you up. Running is not ideal for building muscles but you have to work out in strengthening core abdominal muscles to increase your running ability. Having stability in core muscles assists in developing better running technique and leads you to be faster.
  5. Buying the best running shoes is one of the best investments that you can do to your fitness. It helps you in increasing your speed and form. It makes the running time a fun time for you that provide you mental pleasure and peace along with the physical fitness. It is recommendable to thoroughly check your running shoes for fit and comfort.

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