Importance of Proper Breathing for Running


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If you want to lose weight and get rid of extra pounds then aerobic exercises can do a lot for you. Aerobics are one of the best ways to burn calories and stay fit and healthy. Running is one of the best aerobics that is easy to perform without using any equipment or training. The only thing is to keep an eye on some proper running techniques that allow you to get maximum benefits in minimal time. There are several particular running tips to prevent you from any discomfort or injury risks. Proper breathing is also one of the most essential element to focus on before begin your running workout. Breathing is a critical part of healthy living. People are aware that breathing is important to life but many of them don’t know how to breathe properly.

Body needs immense amount of oxygen during physical activities. It is important to develop proper breathing habits according to the activity you are engaged in. Proper breathing maximizes oxygen intake which is essential to stimulate proper blood flow and to make body function well. Breathing develops lung capacity for physical activities. Inadequate breathing harms performance whether it is physical or mental. For an activity like running it is the most important part to breathe properly to avoid early fatigue. Getting adequate oxygen must be your prime aim for running.

Bad posture during running cause having less amount of air going into your lungs. It can impede your performance and leads you to fatigue and discomfort. Make it easy for your lungs to expand properly via proper posture with a neutral spine and upright position. Upright and straight posture assists get more oxygen into your lungs.

There is a debate that which is better to breathe through nose or mouth.  All have their own ideas about but generally for running it is better to breathe via both the mouth and the nose to get the maximum amount of oxygen. Having immense amount of oxygen into your system really helps your muscles during running. It is also important to deep breath before begin running to warm up your body.


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