Defining ‘Technique Threshold’ and Unlocking Its Potential in Running


So far, very few trainers and running blogs have emphasized the importance of technique threshold! It is known to unlock the running potential of the running participant.

What is ‘technique threshold’?

When you achieve a speed at which the good running technique begins to falter, then the technique threshold is reached. The idea can be understood by considering a simple test. Find a flat and peaceful 100m stretch and start by jogging at a brisk pace for 10 meters and increase speed after every 10 meters. Starting off slow will help you increase the speed gradually.

  • Sprinting out since the beginning will make you lose stamina after going 30 meters. Now that good technique for running that took you to 30 meters will falter and you will feel these changes:
  • An effortless exercise will get tensed and the muscles will feel strained.
  • As a result of tension and stress, the ideal posture for running gets affected. Some people start twisting during the running or hold their chest out.
  • Since the runner is applying more effort, the arms start pumping rather than staying relaxed for distance running.
  • With more distance, the stride gets less coordinated and is certainly not fluid anymore.
  • If you attempt this test both as a sprinter and then with technique threshold, you will be able to notice the difference.

This simple test will let you find your technique threshold. Runners with high technique threshold can run long distances faster while still remaining relaxed. As for those with lower threshold, there is a likelihood of technique wobble at a low speed.Read interesting distance running tips.


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